This situation has become a major problem today.

This pathetic situation due to man’s Selfish activities. We can see many types of Environmental pollution. Such as,
  1. Air pollution
  2. Water pollution
  3. Land and Soil pollution


what is water pollution?
  • We can see garbage near the waterways.
  • This has become a common sight today.
  • Most of factories used to release their industrial chemical waste into waterways.
  • Such as lakes , rivers , seas and  the oceans.
  • Water pollution is a problem for the all living beings and ecosystems.
  • There agriculture is one of the major source of water pollution.
  • Many companies use plastics and people throw it in the waterways.
  • In developing countries around 70% of their solid waste is dumping directly into the ocean or seas.
  • Water pollution is serious problems including the harming and killing of sea creatures, which ultimately affects humans.
  • Ships used to take much garbage with them and they release them into the oceans.
  • Ships release oil into the ocean.
  • Water is valuable source of our life.We need it to live.                                                                                                                                                                             

    Major causes of water pollution 

  •  Domestic Sewage
  • Industrial Wastewater
  • Agricultural Waste
  • Acid rain
  • Global warming                                              

AIR POLLUTION                  

  • Industries are necessary for develop countries but there should be a proper emission system of smoke from the factories to air and they release from burning of garbages also contributing to the air pollution.
  • There are two types of air pollution,
  •  (1). primary     (2). secondary
  • Primary pollutants are emitting directly from their source, while secondary pollutants are forming when primary pollutants react in the atmosphere.
  • Fossil burning fuels is on of the source of air pollution.
  • It transportation and electricity produces both primary and secondary pollutants and is one of the biggest sources of air pollution.
  • The fumes from car such as hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide.
  • These are very dangerous gases.
  • These gases  react with other atmospheric gases creating even more toxic gases.
  • According to The Earth Institute, the heavy use of fertilizer for agriculture is a major contributor to fine-particulate air pollution, with most of Europe, Russia, China, and the United States being affected.
  • Agricultural activities are a major problem today.
  • Ammonia is the primary air pollutant.
  • It comes from agricultural activities.
  • Ammonia enters the air as gases from concentrating livestock waste and fields that are over-fertilizing.

      Major causes of air pollution

  • The burning of fossil fuels.
  • Agricultural activities.
  • Exhaust from factories and industries.
  • Mining operations.
  • Indoor air pollution.


 what is Land and soil pollution

  • Land pollution is become a major problem today
  • It is very big threat to the environment.
  • It is growing by the increasing population as well as increasing of the population forests are being cut for houses and buildings, factories.
  • Forests will turn into industrial and residential areas.
  • They increase in the number of industries has added to the industrial and chemical waste.
  • This type of waste is extremely hard to dispose and it contributes to the worst type of land pollution.
  • Mining activities also cause harm to the land pollution.
  • These toxic substances come into contact with the human body directly through eating fruits and vegetables.
  • Those are growing in polluted soils, being consumed through drinking water that has been contaminated, direct contact with the skin, and breathing in air polluted with particles and dust.
  • Deforestation is the biggest concern when it comes to land degradation and soil erosion.
  • Clear cutting of vegetation and tree cover creates harsh conditions that destroy ecosystems and habitats.
  • Deforestation also creates an imbalance in atmospheric conditions, reducing the amount of carbon that is naturally taken out of the atmosphere.

 Major causes of air pollution 

  • Deforestation
  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Mining
  • Landfills and Waste
  • Urbanization

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